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Case studies
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Case Studies of HOMAG Group 

In order to give you an insight into our comprehensive machinery & services, please read our customer case studies.


HOMAG UK develops unique partnership with Braepac
What started as a sales enquiry has since established a unique partnership between HOMAG UK and Braepac to help tackle packaging challenges and waste costs for the industry.

airTec edges: “We are now able to target big cabinetmakers”
The first HOMAG airTec machine that had been installed in Australia is at Precise Precut on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Precise Precut is a cut-to-size company that has become well-known in the region for its reliable quality service.

Storage system: “It’s the ducks guts”
Kaiman Cabinet's automated warehousing system from HOMAG Australia was installed beginning of the year and has, since then, improved the whole production process for the Queensland company.

Guided by the network
If a customer is missing a hinge or a panel, the order could mean money down the drain rather than a profit for the furniture manufacturer. Darex Home in Belgrade sells kitchens online: it pledges to deliver within 48 hours.

Networked production in joineries
Even though every visitor is amazed by the machine pool and the networking, which up until now has existed mainly in the furniture industry, the Daxenberger joinery has remained a real craftsman’s business.

Now is the time to invest in the future
Since 1992, Euroline has built its reputation to become one of Sydney’s leading architectural joinery companies. With the HOMAG Automation TLF 210 horizontal storage system, the Australian company increased its workflow big time.

Publishing bookbindery Conzella: Customized packaging solution from batch size 1
The VKS 250 is the exactly fitting concept for Conzella. Now, the packaging of books has the quality that meets the product's requirements. Another advantage: Small quantities are produced at particularly low cost.

High end edges for high end products
Peerless Joinery in Sydney was set up to be the best in the industry. In order to keep up with the demands, they invested in a HOMAG Ambition 2470 edgebander and a HOMAG Automation TFU 140 return conveyor.

Joinery Daxenberger: Enthusiastic about the horizontal storage system TLF 211 right from the beginning
The family-run company has made the workflow more effective in order to remain successful on the market. The HOMAG Automation Horizontal Storage System TLF 211 and the HOLZMA panel saw have been the perfect solution for this purpose.

Furniture manufacturer SieMatic relies on cardboard-box cutting machine VKS250
HOMAG Automation developed a solution that significantly better protects the furniture and provides a better appearance and this, at the same time, with higher individuality for lower storage and purchasing costs.
 Losgröße-1-Fertigung Industrie 4.0 Vernetzte Produktion12/18/2015

Order-based batch size 1 production at Sedus impresses with quality and flexibility
Sedus, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality office furniture, bets on a complete networked batch size 1 production line from the HOMAG Group.

Nobilia: Initial experiences with the powerTouch machine controller from the HOMAG Group
Speed, efficiency and flexibility are key factors in batch size 1 production. Nobilia has been using the new generation of powerTouch machine controllers from the HOMAG Group since early 2014 — and can report very positive results.

Carpentry Flaig opts for the horizontal storage system TLF 411
Optimal use of storage space and save valuable production space - Carpentry Flaig opts for intelligent storage technology from HOMAG Automation.

Automating material infeed
CNC processing centers will be tomorrow’s standard machines. Their ability to be embedded in existing work flows is crucial to their successful application. The watchword here is automation.

Storage systems shape a new era of manufacturing
Perth-based company Character Cabinets have recognised the benefits of the right machinery equipment and have invested in solutions from HOMAG Australia.
Uwe Rimmler (Umdasch Shopfitting) and Martin Kress (HOLZMA) under discussion12/02/2015

A paradigm shift in production
A new storage-saw combination at Umdasch Shopfitting in Neidenstein, Germany has heralded a fundamental reorganization of its production model.

The automated intelligent workshop in Perth
The Australian company Proform Products stays on top of the game with storage solutions from HOMAG Automation.

Little Dreams achieve the big dream with HOMAG UK
Stoke-on-Trent based Little Dreams has been manufacturing contract furniture for almost 30 years. Dreaming big the business set out to be able to handle everything from one-off bespoke items to manufacturing hundreds and hundreds of a specific component.

Storage system for smart waste management
The Wagga Wagga based company in rural Australia have recognised the importance of automation processes.

The big gamble
A constantly growing volume of work and the ever-increasing demand in quality products has led the Canberra-based company Mint Kitchens to invest in more machinery from Homag Australia.

Packaging is fun
A very important aspect in the eyes of company Severin is the fact that packaging shall reflect professional appearance additionally to high quality.
Links: Peter Niederer, HOMAG Schweiz AG, Rechts: Karl Enderlin, Schreinerei Schneider AG02/25/2015

Swiss precision with HOMAG Group machines
The relocation of the Schneider Group epitomizes "Swiss precision". The manufacturing facility: full of products from the HOMAG Group. The centerpiece of the production process: a large saw-storage combination from HOLZMA and HOMAG Automation.
HOMAG Automation: Verpackungen für Losgröße 1-Fertigung11/07/2014

Packaging for batch size 1 production
HOMAG Automation developed a total new packaging solution for SieMatic that provides for high individual packaging and safe protection for packed furniture.

Automation boosts productivity
In order to improve productivity and cut increasing manufacturing costs, Sydney-based manufacturer Artline Kitchens, recently invested in new machinery from HOMAG Australia.

LIGMATECH VKS 250 at Froidevaux AG
Therefore, Froidevaux AG in Zwingen produce the packaging for their bathroom furniture themselves for a short time - using the LIGMATECH cardboard-box cutting machine VKS 250.

New doors for Israel
Hamadia places trust in HOMAG
Piatti - The Swiss Kitchen People07/19/2013

Open-heart operation
New HOMAG Group machines pepped up the production of the Swiss' leading kitchen manufacturer Piatti. The team was totally convinced by the know-how in drilling and fitting insertion of WEEKE and the LIGMATECH expertise in assembly technology.
BARGSTEDT Kommissioneren, Sortieren, Lagern, Beschicken, Stapeln, Transportieren05/06/2013

Batch Size 1 With No Label
Hali Büromöbel has completely restructured its production facilities. Working with BARGSTEDT and other members of the HOMAG Group, the Eferding company arrived at unique new production arrangements in which even Iabeis are not required.

Batch size one: bespoke manufacture on a grand scale
Leading office furniture producers are currently upgrading their production to laser technology or have already completed the transition - one of these is Palmberg!

Kitchens of distinction
Since 1963, the Brazilian firm Kitchens has been showing the South American market what it means to manufacture luxury furniture aspiring to the very highest standards.

Think like an industrialist, work like a tradesman:
Industrial concepts for handicraft manufacture: The cosmetics industry's requirements on shop fitting are very high: batch size 1 production, a vast variety of materials, high speeds. Special emphasis is placed on creativity and excellent efficiency.

Adding value through passion made by Mayr
Joiner and furniture maker Mayr - The passion for wood and the high quality of the select materials make the furniture produced by this full service company something really special. (Saw-storage combination, Interior fittings, Home furniture)

S W Watson Case Study
Preston based shopfitting and office furniture manufacturer, S W Watson, has become the first business in the UK to install the BARGSTEDT TLF210 storage and retrieval system, coupled to a HOLZMA HPP380 beam saw.

High-performance combination with small footprint
Cabinet shop Hörl - subcontractor and Interior fittings (saw-storage-combination)

Fantastic variant production in Europe with a 15-day turnaround
At Hali, the focus is on supplying customized products coupled with high-speed manufacture and delivery at standard product prices.

Swedish cool
Spaljisten AB based in Åseda in Sweden is a specialist in the production of foil wrapped furniture components. Spaljisten has now turned its attention to the topic of “high-gloss furniture fronts” with foil-wrapped surfaces.

Decorative Panels Case Study
The Decorative Panels Group invested in an additional facility to satisfy increasing demand for its flat packed furniture ranges.

Three variants, three customers
CNC component handling: economy through automation
BARGSTEDT Storage04/12/2011

AWG Australia Stays ahead of the game with Bargstedt
In order to survive in today's competitive marketplace, local furniture manufacturers must find ways to cut costs and increase productivity, all without sacrificing quality. AWG Australia achieves this using a BARGSTEDT storage system.

Staying ahead of the game
Intelligent storage systems give local manufacturers the flexibility and automation they need to maximise productivity and remain competitive.

Boundless possibilities with panelworking
Keijsers Interior Projects, one of Holland’s biggest interior fittings specialists (“the ultimate co-creator”), Horst/d Maas, recently took the decision to invest in a fully automatic panel cutting plant from the HOMAG Group.

When perfection meets passion
The exemplary door leaf blank manufacturing facility operated by the Swiss manufacturer RIWAG Türen AG is everything a high-tech production plant should be, and sets some impressive milestones along the way.

The Meta-Morphosis
How does a company manage whose products are in worldwide demand but which are invariably ordered only shortly before building completion?

Highly flexible series production with integrated cross-cutting saw – discover the possibilities!
The company Spaljisten AB based in Åseda in Southern Sweden uses an innovative and highly efficient concept newly developed by HOMAG Engineering.

High class meets mass production
Gaston Bauwens NV - furniture

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