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BARGSTEDT woodStore Analyzer 

woodStore Analyzer - Professional analysis for storage systems 

The woodStore analyzer shows you step by step how to increase the efficiency of the storage system.

With the woodStore Analyzer HOMAG Automation offers a unique module for optimizing storage systems. In an individually selectable period the main functions of the storage system are scrutinized customer-specific and analyzed whether the customer uses the storage system optimally. If the analysis detects improvement need then the integrated expert system will recommend on this basis which steps may be taken to increase the efficiency of the storage system.

Simply ask for the license and there you go!
By means of the licensing the integrated expert is activated that analyses the storage management In the analysis all storage criteria are evaluated in an efficiency contemplation and precise, for your situation tailored measures are offered in order to increase the efficiency of the storage system.

The following criteria are analyzed in the licensed version and precise improvements are recommended by the integrated expert:

  • Offcut movement automatic storage
  • Pre-removal percentage in removals of chaotically stored panels
  • Removal of manual panels
  • Disposition panel age
  • Stock
  • ABC analysis raw panels, automatic removals
  • Removal place arrangement
  • Disposition removals

For each criteria measures are listed that may increase the efficiency of the storage.


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