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Cardboard-box Closing Machine VKV 710 

The VKV 710 safely and economically closes completely packed cardboard boxes in a fully automatic way. 

Perfect packing – fully automatic
By means of hot-melt procedure and robust pressing plates the VKV 710 closes the packages in two steps and thus reaches an enormous stability and rigidity. 
The result: A cleanly closed cardboard box, which optimally protects products during transport.   
Different cardboard dimensions – it’s a breeze!
The closing procedure and the identification of the package width in the infeed section of the VKV 710 allow to close packages with different sizes one after the other.  Regardless if serial production, small batch sizes or batch size 1 – the package order is irrelevant. 
Particular feature: The closing mechanisms quickly change to the respective cardboard size in a fully automatic way.  Thus, the entry of data such as package dimensions is no longer required.  In serial production, the VKV 710 reaches a capacity of up to 10 packages per minute in first-class packing quality.
The machine grows along with its challenges
Whether batch size 1 or serial production, whether stand-alone operation or integrated in a complex packing line – the cardboard-box closing machine VKV 710 flexibly adjusts to customers' requirements and demands.  The VKV 710 can be individually and flexibly equipped with driven packing belts, packing places, cardboard-box cutting machines, cardboard folding machines or robot stacking and thus extended to a complete packing line.  The machine grows along with its challenges!
ecoPlus: Intelligent technologies save money and protect the environment
By using the cardboard-box closing machine VKV 710, you are able to significantly reduce material consumption. 
  • Hot melt technology yields savings of up to 85% compared to adhesive tape technology.
  • Depending on the geometry of the material to be packaged, using carton designs that are closed on the side can save up to 40% of the cardboard.

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