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BOOMERANG® Return Conveyor TFU 120 

The entry to a comfortable material flow

The BOOMERANG® TFU 120 is the perfect supplement for unilateral edge banding machines as essential support for an economic workpiece return. The production process will be more efficient, whether batch size 1, batch, or serial production.
Excellently suited for customers with small, narrow, and medium-sized workpieces 
BOOMERANG® series‘ return conveyors perfectly harmonize in size, capacity, and speed with HOMAG Group‘s unilateral edge banding machines. Hard- and software speak one language. The result: A perfectly automated sizing and edge banding processing.
The advantages at a glance:
  • Fast amortization - pays off from 9 hours working time per week
  • No training necessary - assemble the BOOMERANG®, connect it, and get started
  • Flexible operator organization - thanks to economic one-man operation
  • Ergonomic operation - operator will be released from heavy physical work 
  • Better quality control - fast reaction to material adjustments

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BOOMERANG® Return Conveyor TFU 120