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Horizontal storage systems  

With a considerable saving of space in the storing of boards, a maximum material use and the augmentation of the saw capacity, intelligent storage technology and cost effectiveness go hand in hand in a HOMAG Automation storage.

For the handling of boards HOMAG Automation offers with its product range storage systems very flexibly combinable plane storage systems which are designed to the special requirements of the furniture industy, like e.g. high production quality, saving in production costs or more flexibility in the order porcessing.

More available storage space and short ways to the operating machine
Now, the search for the right material has and end! With a HOMAG Automation storage system the necessary material is on the exactly defined storage position. There it is arranged in an optimal array and optimally stored to the next processing step. The best: Each stored material is memorized with clear data like storage position, quantity, characteristics, etc. So, every operator of the operating machine, the operations scheduling and each further empoyee who is connected to the company's network does exactly know where which material is positioned. When it is needed, it enters automatically the operating machine.

Flexible for the most varied requirements
For which purpose the HOMAG Automation storage systems are used, the flexible insert gives the difference. Whether for magazine for batch size 1, as collating storage or combined with operating machines like e.g. saws, drilling machines or Nesting-CNC, the integrated machines and transport systems are connected to the storage via the software control and can easily be feeded with boards.

Maximal transparency in the order processing
For the purpose of its customers HOMAG Automation designed the storage control in that way that it can be smoothly integrated in every computer system. It does not matter if the storage is controlled by the process planning, by a connected operating machine or by the storage terminal. The high compatabiliy of the software enables a transparent control and offers the operation where it is needed.

For which HOMAG Automation storage system you choose, it is always a good choice.

Automation, Robotics - HOMAG Automation - Lagersysteme, Sortieren, Kommissionieren, Transportieren, Montage, VerpackungStorage system TLF211
Whether a panel spectrum as large as possible, high speed, or full equipment. Transportation routes are optimized, material and time are measurably saved by using the TLF 211. The TLF 211 is intelligent logistics with noticeable optimization effects.
Storage system TLF411
Simple operation and convincing in price, performance, quality and functionality. The multi-talent is as powerful as cutting center in combination with a panel saw or with a CNC operation.
Storage system TLF810
The storage for the high end sector even fulfills the really big wishes. Additionally to the multiple varieties in connecting operating machines, the special design of the TLF 810 permits span width beyond 16 m.

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Horizontal storage systems

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