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Storage system TLF 411 

Storage system TLF 411 - The multi talent for high demands 

Easy to operate and convincing in price, performance, quality and functionality. The multi talent is just as powerful in combination with a panel saw and also combined with a CNC processing.

TLF411 - as cutting center with a saw of the HPP series from HOLZMA
The intelligent interfaces of the TLF411 are the ideal solutions in combination with a HOLZMA saw. No matter which HPP saw is connected the storage increases the capacity of the say and this day by day.
So, every combination harmonizes perfectly in size, performance and speed.

Precise CNC processing with the intelligent logistics of the TLF411
CNC operating machines are connected like saws to the storage via standard interfaces in a simplest way and so turn to even more effective operating centers. So, the connection of a TLF411 to a CNC processing combines intelligent logistics with the diversity of a CNC machine.

Wide range - many possibilities
The TLF411 is an all-rounder for a wide variety of panels, too Interference-free are...

  • Panels up to a length of 5600 mm,
  • Permeable to air panels from a thickness of 3 mm
  • Panels up to 350 kgs single weight and
  • Special material like Plexiglas or plastic material, laminate and much more.

TLF411 Y as 1 axis storage for the simple machine feeding with several stacking places

  • Optimal to use in narrow rooms
  • Connection for different operating machines for fully automatic production
  • Ideal as storage for countertops and strip
  • storing with several stack places

We optimize the storage area and help you saving useful production space

  • Each stack place in the storage can freely be selected as pre-removal position! This results in more space in the storage!
  • At ours the scissors co-rotate! Even on 90° rotations panels are optimal arranged and deposited without space loss

Reduction of the utilized capital from storing up to sawing

  • Material use is coordinated with the ordering system and the order planning
  • Low capital commitment by means of stock-keeping as needed
  • Low resource consumption by means of automatic offcut management - also for panels that do not fit into the storage

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Storage system TLF 411

Storage system TLF 411