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Plane Storage System TLF 211 - Logistics with appreciable optimization effects 

Storage system TLF 211 - Logistics with appreciable optimization effects 

Whether a panel spectrum as large as possible, high speed, or full equipment. Transportation routes are optimized, material and time are measurably saved by using the TLF 211. The TLF 211 is intelligent logistics with noticeable optimization effects.

Handling with profit - TLF 211 is profitable even in smallest space
The TLF 211 optimizes the storage area and saves you valuable production space.
  • Fast amortization - the combination with a saw already pays off with 20 panels to be cut per day.
  • Intelligent stand by - The machines only consumes energy, when it is moving
  • Optimal material use up to offcut parts thanks to wellthought-out material management
Advantages for production - transparency and safety around the operating machine
Standard interfaces interlink the TLF 211 with other machines to an effective operating center.
  • Handling without extra costs - Coated panels from 8 mm thickness even in the standard due to suction traverse ST61.
  • High flexibility because of ideal use of the available space even in smallest rooms.
  • Productivity increase up to 40% with constant number of personnel
"An important competition advantage arises through time savings thanks to the automatic horizontal storage. The facts search times, quality and speed have become noticeably more effective. Here, in particular, the characteristics material overview, offcut management, and structured procedures have paid off in many cases."
Mario Beck
Owner of the carpentry Mario Beck



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Fast amortisation

Handling without extra costs

High flexibility even in smallest rooms