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HOMAG Automation
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HOMAG Automation Assembly technology 

Assembly technology 

From a simple corpus press to customized assembly lines arise solutions for the demand-orientated final assembly.

HOMAG Automation is the competent contact for the final assembly according to customers’ requirements. The variety of existing machine types and transports enable individually designed lines with approved components for batch size 1 up to serial production.
Glueing station MLK 080
Point-accurate and quantity-accurate applying of glue
Gluing and fitting MLK 110
Basic machine extendable in a modular way
Case clamp MPH 410 Basic
Solid Equipment at a Low Price
Case clamp MPH 450 Advanced
For the ambitious carcass assembly
Case clamp MDE 120
No matter whether sensitive or thin-walled, especially high-quality or miter carcasses – the electric continuous case clamp MDE 120 gently presses every carcass in highest quality.
Case clamp MDE 160
Electric continuous clamp with integrated nailing robot
Case Clamp MPC 100
Container case clamp for office furniture
Case clamp MPC 300
Clamp for house and kitchen furniture
Case clamp MPC 410
Automatic joint-clamping unit
Robot applications in the assembly technology
Process automation technology

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Assembly technology
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