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HOMAG Automation
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HOMAG Automation Packaging Technology 

Packaging technology 

Cost conscious concepts for packaging up to batch size 1. Every carton a tailor-made suit with best product protection, easy and quick to produce.

Our powerful cardboard-box cutting machine, cardboard folding machine or cardboard closing machine can be intelligent linked to robot applications and transport components according to customers’ requirements. Thus, half to fully automatic complete concepts optimize the whole packaging process. The efficient use of manpower and automation, tailored to customers’ necessities are in the focus.
The best: Customized packaging arranges for best product protection.
Cardboard-box Cutting Machine
Using the VKS you will exactly produce the packaging that you need - in optimal shape, with high volume utilization degree, and with minimum unit cost. Where today still packaging is stored tomorrow already revenues may be produced.
Cardboard-box Closing Machine
The cardboard closing machine safely and economically closes completely packed cardboard boxes by means of hot-melt procedure.

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