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Every Packaging as a Custom-made Suit 

Using the cardboard-box cutting machine of the VKS series you will exactly produce the packaging that you need - in optimal shape, with high volume utilization degree, and with minimum unit cost. Where today still packaging is stored tomorrow already revenues may be produced. So, the times of adhesive tapes and pre-assembled cardboards, that often do not fit correctly, have passed.


High-quality fronts, individual furniture parts, or assembled furniture - goods have correct to be packed in order to arrive at customer's site without damage. Additionally, packaging provides important visual stimuli. Because it is the first thing a customer will see when his merchandise arrives. So, what is more obvious than to develop a system for high-quality, reliable, and ecological packaging of any kind of goods.

The trend towards a greater variety, new delivery concepts, and shorter life cycles of products fundamentally question the used load carrier concepts. With its product range of packaging technology HOMAG Automation respond to these requirements and offers solutions for an even better packing of goods and simultaneously high saving in time and costs. 

However, what especially characterizes the VKS 250 is the fun in packing. The touch screen concepts combine design and function to a totally new generation of control. Graphical cutting displays, different help functions, and integrated assistants facilitate the work and provide for an intuitive machine control, almost as if operating a smartphone. That is hands-on technology. That is technology that is fun.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Customized packaging ensures for best product protection, thus minimizes transport damage
  • The demand for packaging and filling materials is significantly reduced
  • Storage and logistics costs are significantly reduced
  • The operation is simple and intuitive


Cardboard-box Cutting Machine VKS 200 powerTouch
Make use of your VKS 200 – no matter whether equipped with a single sheet or endless cardboard feeder. The combination cardboard feeder fits both – at its best.
Cardboard-box Cutting Machine VKS 250 powerTouch
Design your VKS 250 to your own specific needs and requirements. Options range from manual single sheet feeding up to twelve web widths accessed fully automatically.

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"Packaging is fun", Report from the HOB, 03/2015