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New Packaging Comic
We will show you how you can easily produce the optimal box by using our packaging solution.

Packaging Days at HOMAG Automation
During the tours through the production facility in Lichtenberg, the participants could experience the possibilities of automated packaging.

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016: New record for incoming orders
This year's HOMAG Group Treff—the 24th HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff—was the most successful yet: The sales team used the platform of this industry event held in the Black Forest to great effect.

Networked Workshop (Part 1): Why Company Size Doesn't Matter
When faced with increasingly demanding customers, rising levels of competition and a lack of skilled personnel, every business needs to find solutions.

HOMAG Automation – The Brand is Program
Whoever wants to play a role in the furniture industry in future focuses on process optimization through automation. HOMAG Automation will show live at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016, how operating machines could be automated.

inspiration Issue HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff September 2016
Integrated solutions from the compact stand-alone machine to the automated batch size 1 plant and innovative developments for furniture and structural element production - look forward to two exciting upcoming industry Treffs.

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016 - Exchange of experiences included
The HOMAG Group will be presenting its current highlights and showcasing trends in furniture as well as flooring, window, staircase and door production at this year’s Treffs.

A clear „yes“ to Automation
Perfect seamless joint and automated return unit - Ambition 1650 airTec combined with the BOOMERANG® TFU 140 provide for smooth production flow. The Operation - simple and intuitive - a child‘s play!

Exclusive Australasia premiere: robotic sorting cell at HOMAG City at AWISA 2016
At this year’s AWISA 2016 exhibition, HOMAG Australia will show a very high tech high volume automated edgebanding cell coupled with a robotic sorting cell. This is an exclusive premiere in Australasia!
Kundenzeitung inspiration HOLZ-HANDWERK 201605/01/2016

inspiration issue XYLEXPO Mai 2016
Complex sequences simply depicted: From innovative stand-alone machines to networked plants. A look into the future of the completely digitalized world. And: woodFlex for the control and visualization of flexible production cells and their part flow.

HOMAG Automation at the Xylexpo 2016
Under the heading: „Transport visions, intelligently packed“ HOMAG Automation shows different solutions at the XYLEXPO by which one can produce much more efficiently.

Customized instead of standard cardboard boxes
The VKS 250 is the exactly fitting concept for Conzella. Now, the customized packaging of books has the quality that meets the product's requirements. And small quantities are produced at particularly low cost.

Discover why Automated Storage Solutions Provide the Perfect Foundations
“Whether you’re cutting 20 panels a day or 20 per hour, the storage and handling of these panels is critical to the success of your business,” explains Simon Brooks, sales and marketing director at HOMAG UK

Joinery Daxenberger: Enthusiastic about HOMAG Automation right from the beginning
The family-run company has made the workflow more effective in order to remain successful on the market. The results are optimal processes, thanks to fully automatic feeding of the saw through the horizontal storage system TLF 211.
Kundenzeitung inspiration HOLZ-HANDWERK 201602/10/2016

inspiration Issue HOLZ-HANDWERK March 2016
A new five-axis machine for entry-level users, a new series of sanding machines, a very interestingly priced panel dividing saw, and everything you need for edge processing (including zero joints

HOMAG Automation at the Holz-Handwerk 2016
HOMAG Automation demonstrates in Nuremberg with different solutions how to successfully produce and deliver just-in-time assortments even in small quantities.

Flexible packaging concept for SieMatic
HOMAG Automation developed a solution that significantly better protects the furniture and provides a better appearance and this, at the same time, with higher individuality for lower storage and purchasing costs.

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