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HOMAG Automation
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HOMAG Automation - The people behind the brand 
Lichtenberg, Hemmoor  09/02/2015 

The people behind the brand - HOMAG Automation from the point of view of a project manager 

For Alexander Ermler only one thing counts: Customer's satisfaction. As project manager in the engineering sector, he is responsible to convert the customer's requirements and ideas eventually into perfect solutions.

The aim is to intelligently interlink main operating machines with high capacity to handling and logistics components that result in a plant concept, which convinces by economy, flexibility and high availability. Especially tailored to customer's needs.
"It starts with the planning phase, on the first contact with the customer, when you look to find out the philosophy that is behind the way the customer produces and then to enter into a conception stage planning a plant, and the customer finds himself in it, then arouses enthusiasm", says Alexander Ermler, "because then the customer is satisfied and I am thrilled, too."

PfeilBrands become only alive by humans, only humans make brands lovable. 

HOMAG Automation GmbH

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HOMAG Automation - The people behind the brand
HOMAG Automation - The people behind the brand