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HOMAG Automation
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Highlights that move the market 

The trend towards individual design dreams and custom products demands highest standards to the furniture industry as well as to handicraft businesses. HOMAG Automation is your partner for intelligent production solutions in the woodworking industry.

Produktsparten HOMAG Automation 

Transport, handling and automation are important future-orientated sectors.

Merging Bargstedt and Ligmatech under the common banner of HOMAG Automation is the consequent outcome of a long, intensive cooperation of both facilities at Hemmoor and Lichtenberg.

Pooling expertise, especially in research and development, considerably increases our capacity and flexibility. This is also necessary to continue to position ourselves at the top of progress in existing and new markets.

We promote development, increase synergies in the five sectors of storage technology, automation/robotics, assembly, collating and sorting as well as packaging and will thus provide even more value for our customers than so far.


HOMAG Automation GmbH

Ligmatech Str. 1
09638  Lichtenberg

Tel.: +49 37323 16-0
Fax: +49 37323 16-170